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"My mother tongue is the music"


Fricsay wrote in his book about Mozart and Bartók. Music was the space of his biosphere (lifestyle), according to that  law he had to live: being his intellectual root.

His love, his seriousness, his joy, his humour - everything towered the usual size. He created himself his lifestyle sometimes in the grand manner of a gentleman.  In the way of great sociability brings Ferenc Fricsay in the picture,  a bound giving his satisfaction the obvious intellectual atmosphere.

His characteristic seemed boundless: Everybody close  to him got ignited by his creative love. . His  sources of  power  were always in its most mature depth: In the intellectual area of the music. Perhaps this was the reason, why often his peculiarity seemed  announcing.  Certain  nondescript prophetic embers never left his big expressive eyes.

Beside his innocent severity stood  his unsurpassable humour, which sparkled with the same power as his seriousness.


Zenepélda   " Csajkovszki   5. szimfóniája "                               Gustav Rudolf Sellner
           (Generalintendant of the "Deutsche Oper Berlin")


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