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Events to remember and honour the 100th birthday 2014

July 2014

   appeared the box contenting 45 compact    discs with the complete orchestral repertoire of    Ferenc Fricsay, recorded    by the DGG


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Budapest July 2014

July 30th on the occasion of Ferenc Fricsays hundreds anniversary a commemorative tablet was installed at his former residence at the Julia utca 4, Budapest, second district. At this occasion the National Philharmonic Orchestra performed to honor him. 

report in the newspaper on July 31st

  Martonvásár August 2014

On August 2nd in the park of the MTA Agricultural Research Institute, Martonvásár (Hungary) the Ferenc Fricsay 100th anniversary memorial concert was given by the the National Philharmonic Orchestra.      

Beethoven:    Coriolan - overture, op. 62
Beethoven:    Piano Concerto in C minor, op. 37
Beethoven:    Symphony No.3 in E flat Major, op.55 (The Eroica)

Conductor: Zsolt Hamar              Featuring: József Balog (piano)


                      Japan 2014

Takeo Noguchi (director of the Furtwängler Institute / Tokyo) has translated as appreciation of the conductor Fricsay and his expressiveness the publication of Fricsay about "Mozart and Bartók" into japanese in commemoration of the 100th birthday.

Due to his translation and collected articles T. Naguchi wanted to bring closer to his compatriots the late conductor Fricsay, - by its knowledge and explanation of both composers.

Excerpt of the Preface

Szeged 2014

Dom zu Szeged

Cathedral of Szeged
(laying of foundation stone in 1914)


22nd of June
Musical circuit in memory of Ferenc Fricsay

During the day the brass-band "Ferenc Fricsay" and the "Concert brass-band of the Music Departement of the Scientific University" gave a concert at the Dugonics

The Szegeder Symphony Orchestra hasgiven an open air concert in the evening, conducted by Sándor Gyüdi and Sándor Balogh. The "Rondo" composed by Fricsay was part of the program.

24th of July
Inauguration of the Fricsay commemorating exibition at the Somogyi Károly library of the city.

9th of Aug.
at the commemorative tablet in Szeged was the placing of wreath of honour. Concert in the Fricsay-hall of the Academy of the Science University and an honoring evidence near his bust.

23rd of Oct.
To memorize the National Day of the Revolt 1956 the Fricsay-Brass-Band participated at the celebrations.

At the traditional, solemn concert in the Cathedral of Szeged the first night performance in Hungary of Fricsay's "C-Dur Mess" has taken place, conducted by Sándor Gyüdi.

24th of Oct. In the city hall a film performance and commemorating lectures was given by Prof. Miklós Gábor, Prof. Robert Christian Bachmann and Sándor Gyüdi.

At the National Theater of the city a commemo rating concert by the urban Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sándor Gyüdi

Lateron the commenmoration exibition
was transfered from the Somogyi Károly Library to the National Theater and could be visited during several weeks.


               2014 Budapest

               "Minifestival Fricsay100"

   26th of Oct. at the Basilika of St. Stephen
   F. Fricsay's "C-minor messe" /
   first performance in Budapest

   27th of Oct. at the Erkel-Theater
   "Lucia di Lammermoor" of Donizetti;
   Ks. Edita Gruberova as Lucia

   28th of Oct. at the"Red Hall"
   of the State Opera / Budapest
   "Secret attainments", Fricsay-Exibition    organised by M. Karczag

   29th of Oct. at the State Opera
   "Székely Bertalan- Hall"
   "Commemorating book of Fricsay's 100th    anniversary", published and presented by    Szilvester Okovács, MD of the State Opera    /Budapest

   30th Oct. at the main staircase of the State    Opera "Unveiling and consecration    of the    Fricsay - Bronce", donation of his    daughter    Márta Dobay-Fricsay



               Budapester Staatsoper

              Hungarian State Opera
    (inaugurated September 27th 1884)


Philharmonie Berlin

Berliner Philharmonie
(Inauguration 1963)

      2014 Berlin  

   Concert to commemorat
   Fricsay´s 100th birthday
   at the Philharmonie of Berlin

      Concert of the DSO,
      conducted by MD Tugan Sokhiev

      Dukas: Der Zauberlehrling
      Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante Es-Dur für Oboe,       Klarinette, Horn und Fagott
      Stravinsky: "Petrushka" (1947)


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