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FERENC FRICSAY 1914 - 1963


“After I had successfully passed my exams in composition and conducting and held the diplomas in my hand, I felt the world belonged to me.


This happens with every young person. At first there is not so much a sense of duty but more a wish for personal rights and a determination to improve and change everything. With time, however, comes the feeling of responsibility, as one realizes there are those who are not blessed with so much energy or talent and who need our care and guidance. Then one begins to appreciate the values created by the older generations, values that should be preserved and not disturbed. It becomes clear that tradition should be cherished and that it is one’s responsibility to keep the past alive, carrying it on into the future in order to ensure the continuity of life.”                                     
                                                                                    The voice of Ferenc Fricsay
                                                                 Words taken from Ferenc Fricsay’s biographical notes

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