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Foundation of the Deutschen Grammophon 1898

Emil Berliner (1851 – 1929)


The oldest and most traditional Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft was already founded in 1898 in Hannover by the brothers Emil and Joseph Berliner. Within a short time they reached the position of a market leader, but the world economic crisis made the stock of the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft fall dramatically, due to the stagnating sales of luxury goods.

In 1933 the emigration to which the owner and several of the contracted artists were forced, led to losses in the artistic quality and the range of the recording repertoire.

We can also read in the company history: In 1941 Siemens & Halske AG bought the 100% majority of the Deutschen Gramophon through the “Telefunken-Transaction”. The company again maintained the position of a market leader throughout the 1950s and in 1962 was integrated, together with Philips, into the Joint Venture Phongram. In 1972 Philips and the Deutsche Grammophon founded, in a joint venture, the common company PolyGram. In 1987 Philips finally took over all the PolyGram shares from Siemens.

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