IN   THE  FAMILY

Richard Fricsay sen.
 1867 - 1945

Richard Fricsay jun.
 1888 - 1960
Livia Dobay
 1912 - 2002
100th Birthday
Rita Schuler
 1933 - 2006
Andras Fricsay
 born 1942
Ferenc von Szita
 born 1969

First opera visit of the son (a newspaper article of the year 1945)

For his first time Livia's son, Buli,  visited festively dressed  the opera at the age of 5 years. Impressed by the beautiful staircase with the innumerable steps he got very silent and held the hand of his father with the maximun of strength. Sitting enthroned on the armchair in the box, he was astonished and fascinated by the gigantic curtain. The little boy asked: " And now, daddy?". "You must wait. Soon the curtain will open and Mommy will appear on the stage and  sing. However, we mustn't talk till the light turns on again! You must stay very quiet!"

Livia, in the room of artists, suffered of stage fright even more than usual. "My son finally shall hear and see me! I hope he will like this!"

 Film excerpt of   " Rendez-vous at the Danube "

The curtain lifted for the "Csárdás princess". When Buli discovered his mumm on the stage, nothing could keep him on the chair. He stood at the box parapet with his mouth and eyes wide open. He paid attention as he was able to follow the actions. Outfits and stage set impressed him like a lovely, oversized picture book.

The moment as his mother hugged her colleague,  the little boy was shocked! Nobody was allowed  to hug his mummy exept him and daddy! He looked imploringly to his father. But his father was sitting completly relaxed on the chair with his eyes closed and did not relize what was happening. The only solution for the little boy was, to react by himself.

So Buli stood on the tips of his toes, leaned on the banisters with both hands, took a deep breath  and shouted as loud as he could: "What are you doing, mummy! Watch out! Do not hug the uncle!"

From that very moment nobody  paid anymore attention to the stage event. Like on order, all the audiance turned their head and looked up to the box where the instruction had come from.

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