IN   THE  FAMILY

Richard Fricsay jun.
 1888 - 1960

Livia Dobay
 1912 - 2002
Rita Schuler
 1933 - 2006
Andras Fricsay
 born 1942
Ferenc von Szita
 born 1969


Richard sen. 1933 with granddaughter Rita

Rita after a fulfilled family life

Rita Schuler (Kohlert) was born in Vienna on March 13th, 1933

She starts her piano studies already in earliest youth; grandfather Richard buys the grand piano for the family. As soon as she reaches the authorised age to be registred at the Viennese Academy of Music, she starts with her studies in the class of Prof . Bruno Seidlhofer.

1953 she passes her concert A-level certificate with "Excellent Success"

1953  at the "Berliner Sender" (broadcast) follows the recording of the Piano Concerto of Leo Weiner, conducted by Ferenc Fricsay

1954 she decides, in favour of marriage and familylife, to renounce interesting concert offers. Full of conviction she dedicates her life to her family, sick parents and her sister

2006 she dies of a serious illness in company of her family

Excerpt of the Piano Concerto composed by Leo Weiner, Pianist Rita Schuler with the RIAS Orchestra, conducted by F. Fricsay

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