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Brassband Society
Richard Fricsay jun.
 1888 - 1960

Livia Dobay
 1912 - 2002

Rita Schuler
 1933 - 2006
Andras Fricsay
 born 1942
Ferenc von Szita
 born 1969

Today's Honved Armed Forces Music Organization cultivates the memory of Richard Fricsay

Captain Imre Szabo,
Ochestra Leader
Peter Sárosi,
president of the society

30th. April 2019 Day of the Hungarian Military Music

Composition for piano by Richard Fricsay (senior), arranged for instruments by Peter Sarosi 2018

Wreath laying at
the bust of Richard Fricsay sen.

Symposium of Military Music

Wreath laying at
the memorial plaque
of the deceased military musicians

Dining board for the inveted

The Honved Brass Band from Budapest (formed in 1896) is regarded as the most important of the country: It performs at important military events as well as state visits of canonical or worldly dignitaries. During the whole year it fulfils at important social causes at home and abroad its obligation to give concerts. Open-air performances and international tattoo events also belong to the multiple, first-order program.

The current orchestra formation plays a sample of the composition "The beautiful Lake Balaton" of Richard Fricsay (sen)

In a gangway of the barracks one finds  a documentation, like a museum,  about the history of military music since its beginning (Ancient Egypt) up to the Hungarian territorial army of today. Pictures of uniforms and also musical instruments of different time epochs, programmes and record labels are shown as well as old photos of performances of the orchestra and its conductors. Richard Fricsay, to whom the orchestra dedicates a commemorative concert in the hall of the Hungarian national museum every year, is given a place of honour. For the concert in 2006 János Péntek has composed the Fricsay fanfare, dedicated to the organization.

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Impressions of the Hungarian Military Music Event 2011

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Samples of the concert 2009: talented Honved members full of devotion and conviction to the art of music and Richard Fricsay´s memory.

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