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Brassband Society
Richard Fricsay jun.
 1888 - 1960

Livia Dobay
 1912 - 2002

Rita Schuler
 1933 - 2006
Andras Fricsay
 born 1942
Ferenc von Szita
 born 1969

   Richard Fricsay, co-founder of the school of music of Székesfehérvár

Székesfehérvár, the thousand years old coronation town of St. Stephan I, does it's best to care for the historical values and maintains with great effort  the old town. The bell tower is regarded as an attraction within the Hungarian population, even if it does not belong to the oldest buildings.    



Wappen Székesfehérvár

Heraldic figure of Székesfehérvár

Town (situated between the lake of Balaton and Lake Velence) with a cathedral, episcopale palace, townhall and belltower

During Fricsay's stay (1896 - 1912) in the garrison town, he was very concerned about the musical education of the youth besides his military task. So the first school of music in the town resulted to be in a  residential building. Meanwhile, two times  already,  one had to  move to a new location, because the classrooms were not big enough for the increasing number of  pupils.

The headmaster Tóka Szabolcs and the town representative Percze Ilona welcomed the descendants of Richard Fricsay
Ausschnitt aus Darbietung einiger Schüler      

Full of joy and dedication some pupils of the school give a sample of their capacaty

The town of  Székesfehérvár offers every year a Richard-Fricsay award for special performances in local music life during the last 12 months. Only one single document is awarded every year: either to a single person (as exemple to an instrumentalist, singer, composer etc.) or to a  group, like an orchestra, choir etc. The town management has ordered a medallion with the relief of Richard Fricsay, to express the esteem of the personal performance more lastingly and also to emphasize in addition the memory of the musician  Richard Fricsay.

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