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Richard Fricsay sen.
 1867 - 1945

Brassband Society
Richard Fricsay jun.
 1888 - 1960

Livia Dobay
 1912 - 2002
Rita Schuler
 1933 - 2006
Andras Fricsay
 born 1942
Ferenc von Szita
 born. 1969


In spring 1918 the War Office of the Austrian Hungarian monarchy decieded, as propaganda activity at the allies of the Balkans, to send Fricsay with his orchestra  on a trip abroad to Bulgaria and Turkey. The name Honvéd was well-known and appreciated in Turkey.

Professor Germanus, known as orientalist and government assignee, also as good friend of Djemal Pascha, the Minister of War, accompanied the Military Band. After the concert at court  Fricsay got as presents "The officer Star Medal Medjidie" and the medal "Omanie"  personally given by sultan Mehmed.

But however the most decorative award "The Iron Half-Moon" was only given for services at the front. Fricsay indicated  how much he desired this medal and asked  Prof. Germanus of interven-tion at the Minister of War Djemal Pasha to make an inquiry of exception.  Completely  under the impression of Fricsay's concert,   the minister  agreed without hesitation.

Richard Fricsay in Galauniform

Djemal called his adjutant to whom Germanus dictate the datas for the document. At the question "which front  Fricsay had proved his bravery"  Germanus (known as a jester) reflected a short moment and answered quick-wittedly  "At the Gambrinus front." The adjutant wrote unsuspectingly as dictated.

Only insiders could know that at home Fricsay was giving daily concerts with his military music  in a big Budapest beer hall, named "Gambrinus" as the king of beer's.

Just after receiving the award of honours, Fricsay held the document in his hand and read. He got angry.

However, nobody could notice his annoyance. He put on a smile, than, covering with his right hand the awarded medal, he made an easy bow and hissed between his teeth: "Something comparable can only  be caused by the rogue called Germanus!"

Exerpt of the "Hunyadi march" composer Ferenc Erkel, conducted
by Richard Fricsay sen. 1944

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